Yesterday, President Trump publicly congratulated a tyrant, a former colonel of that nations secret police, on his sham of an election. In doing so he shamed his office, this nation, and the memory of all who struggled and died throughout the Cold War.

The KGB, of which Mr. Putin was a senior officer, was a criminal organization directly responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of its own citizens.

Given this, I have to ask those who defend or dismiss this disgusting behavior merely because it was said by the leader of their political party: How on earth do you find a moral difference between a former Colonel of the KGB and a former Colonel of the Gestapo sufficient to accept this?

Here’s a hint to the answer: if you’re intellectually and morally honest, you can’t. A member of an organization responsible for millions of deaths can never be absolved, nor trusted.
Once a snake, always a snake. Pity the occupants of 1600 Pennsylvania can’t see that. Such folly endangers us all.

Daniel W. Donath