Dear Tribune Editor,

Voters at the Tuesday, April 3, 2018, election should now be asking candidates how they will vote regarding using any size of explosive within the city limits of Lee’s Summit.

At a public hearing March 28, it was revealed that there is a pending Permit Application and Renewal to a Land Reclamation Permit that Phillip “Skip” Short of Star Excavation currently holds. This permit #1105 application, if approved, will allow any size explosive devise/blasting activities to be used for rock removal for the next eighteen years (until 2036) within Lee’s Summit city limits.

The primary concern of the several homeowners, who spoke at the hearing, was their strong opposition to granting this eighteen-year blasting permit. Hundreds of homeowners, located adjacent and just south of the blasting site, were concerned about the damage to home foundations (& bedrock), noise issues, health issues, dust, wildlife, and probable depreciated home values due to unlimited blasting being allowed for the next 18 years.

While the 70-acre blasting site (adjacent to hundreds of homes and two churches in NW Lee’s Summit along I-470) may not be next to your home this issue is vital to all Lee’s Summit homeowners. Who can say when and where another unlimited 18 year blasting permit request may be submitted and allowed?

So, ask your candidates how they will vote on this and similar “development” issues when they come before city council. Ask if they would vote for a city ordinance to end such blasting?

Dan Hall
Lee’s Summit, MO 64081

P.S. Comments on this proposed blasting application can be sent to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources / Land Reclamation Program, Mine Plan, PO Box 176, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0176; Site name: The Family Ranch, LLC, (aka Star Excavations, LLC), Permit #1105, Permit Site 2516, in Jackson County Section 35, Township 48N, Range 32W.