To the Editor:

I wanted to let people know why I’m supporting Rob Binney for Lee’s Summit Mayor. I believe that Rob has kept a very open mind while serving the Citizens of Lee’s Summit the past 6 years as a City Councilman. I believe that Rob has controlled meetings very well as Mayor Pro Tem and when it has been needed, Rob has helped guide the Council when there has been great differences amongst fellow Council Members, while some Council Members have been an embarrassment to me at times, with all of their infighting and absolute nonsense and doing anything but serving their constituency. As a Citizen of Lee’s Summit and fellow former Council Member as well as a lifelong resident and small business owner in downtown Lee’s Summit I’ve been extremely impressed with Rob’s ability to lead well.

One candidate I cannot support for Mayor is Bill Baird. Mr. Baird served a good term as a School Board Member, although he only served one term. But it was on one issue that he brought to the forefront, the issue of the contract with the former Superintendent of the Lee’s Summit school district. While it was a good problem to address, I believe that Mr. Baird had voted in favor of the contract in the past. I also do not believe that somebody should be the Mayor of our great community without having any working knowledge of how to get things done within the community. Serving on the School Board is one thing, but serving on the City Council is another. One isn’t more important than the other, but they are different governing bodies that operate completely differently. I could support Mr. Baird in a bid for a Council seat but I do not believe that he should be the leader of our great city and its Citizens. I don’t think Mr. Baird should be Mayor of Lee’s Summit before he has served at least one term as a Council Member anymore than I believe that anyone should be the President of the School Board before they have served a term as a School Board Member. I would assume that Mr. Baird just like myself and many other elected officials would admit if asked that there is certainly a learning curve when elected to any governing body and to just think that you can go straight to the leader of that body is absurd.

I truly believe that it takes years of experience and knowledge to be the Mayor of Lee’s Summit and for this and all of the reasons listed above my vote is for Rob Binney as the next Mayor of Lee’s Summit.

Nick Swearngin
Small business owner in Lee’s Summit
Past Council Member of the Lee’s Summit city council