Letter to the Editor:

What we do not address a great deal is “cyberbullying” which is a rising form of bullying experienced by our children and teens. This is causing more youth/teen suicides. Lee’s Summit, Missouri is doing a great job with addressing school safety, based upon the procedures outlined in your April 28, 2018 article, “A Community Conversation on School Safety.” I applaud Lee’s Summit North High School students for raising money and awareness of teen suicide.

To prevent suicide, we need to mandate more disciplinary measures for cyberbullying. Also, we need more legislators who will advocate for increased resources and training for mental health. I oppose arming our teachers in the course of their duties.

Candidate Ryana Parks-Shaw is running for Missouri House of Representatives, District 30 (an open seat recently held by Senator Mike Cierpiot). She has a 25 year healthcare administration background, is a former small business owner in Independence, Missouri and former union member who advocates for the safety of our children in quality schools with increased resources available to our teachers. Ryana is the wife of a former police officer. She is the mother of sons who attend/attended Lee’s Summit Schools, and has a college student at Longview Community College. Her parents have been union members for over forty years.

Ryana believes in sensible gun laws, increased mental health/resiliency training and resources for youth, teachers and the community, as well as protecting our second amendment rights. Lee’s Summit, like Ryana Parks-Shaw, understands that our children are our most valuable asset. I found information about her at http://www.ryanaformissouri.com. Ryana deserves our vote.

C. L. Cole
Concerned Mother in Lee’s Summit