Letter to Editor,

I have been having trouble with Town and Country Trash Haulers for some time now. I have called and called. I have spoken with about 4 of the ladies, Cassie, Crissy, Wendy, and I think her name was Alissa. I was finally given the extension of Jenny King, the Supervisor over that department. I have called time and time again and no one will even call me back.

About a year and a half ago, T&C just started picking up our trash. They are not our trash carriers, but rather Constable. I called again and again and could not get them to stop.

Finally it did cease…now 3 weeks ago…I was looking out the window, while getting ready to go out with a friend.

T&C came and picked up our trash, but they also took one of our trash cans and threw it into the truck and did not return it…it was our best can. I still have the lid of the can they left behind at the same day a black gentleman also dropped our blue can on the ground underneath the truck. The truck then proceeded to run over it…so now one can has been stolen and the other was crushed and left behind. I stood there in shock as all of this went on.

T&C told me by two of the girls they would get me some different trash cans, not junk. This is when I called in. Three weeks later, I am still stuck with one crushed, split, handle broken trash can.
T&C still continues to pick up our trash, which I have begged them to stop, but will not call or talk with me. I am still paying Constable, but they are not even picking up the trash.

I am at a loss as to what to do…is there anything that can be done?

Sincerely Frustrated,
Teresa Gallo