I was the accountant for the Lee’s Summit Parks Department 2006 – 2009. Friday, May 22, 2009 at 5:00 p.m. I was handed a letter stating – “In response to the current economic downturn, loss of revenues, and evident work slowdown, … need to downsize… by eliminating the position of Accountant.”

My position of Accountant was eliminated at a time when Parks purchased $22,000 worth of plastic palm trees, approved an eight week “Fit Challenge” for Parks employees with a $26,163 projected price tag, was spending $1,000’s of dollars on flowers planted at Park facilities and City Hall 4 -5 times per year and new Parks projects were in full swing. I requested and was allotted 5 minutes to speak before the Park Board. Knowing I could not present all of my concerns in that length of time I also prepared and presented a packet of information for every board member.

I clearly presented a sexually harassing and hostile work environment.

My plea for help went unanswered and they did not pursue the truth. The Parks HR representative was; Tom Lovell’s secretary. How does that work? It doesn’t. Within months my position of Accountant was posted (it was given a different name). I applied for the position because after all I had experience. I received a letter stating “we are withdrawing this previously advertised position”. Months later another position was posted with yet another name.

Factual supporting documentation has been made available to the Lee’s Summit Tribune.

Our great state of Missouri does not need any more bad representation. This type of behavior has got to stop.


Very concerned Lee’s Summit, Missouri resident,
Karen Banks

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1 Comment

  • Brian Cooper

    July 27, 2018 - 9:13 pm

    You mean in a city with a corrupt government and some of the rudest, incompetent cops I’ve ever seen…they screwed you over? Welcome to Lee’s Summit

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