By Rebekah Ritter
Intern Reporter for the Tribune

At the July 24th Planning Commission meeting, Inspired View Homes presented a Preliminary Development Plan for the construction of a Primrose daycare and 45 new townhomes in the Longview neighborhood, off of SW Kessler Dr. and SW Fascination Dr.

This development would also affect the Winterset and Bridalwood neighborhoods. A representative of Inspired Homes petitioned the commission to recommend approval for the construction, which will house a 10,000 square foot daycare center with 45 parking spaces set on a 1.3 acre lot. Additionally, nine townhome buildings, separated into two lots, will be constructed. A total of 45 townhomes will be available for rent. This area includes 43 off-street parking spaces, with additional on-street parking. The townhomes would be available for rent for a monthly fee of $1,800 to $1,900, and there will be a common area for residents. There will be no other physical amenities.

One thing that caused a problem with many residents and neighbors near the proposed area is that Curry Rd. would be extended through to Kessler Dr., and the residents felt that it would cause a negative and unsafe flow of traffic through the neighborhood. Apart from the traffic change, the residents of the three neighborhoods felt that there was no need for residential facilities is the area, as there are already newly developed homes and apartments that are currently unoccupied. Many of the residents even thought that having rental homes in the area would cause an increase in crime, a statement that upset chair Jason Norbury.

The biggest problem with the proposal that the commission and the residents shared was that there was not enough information given, nor enough time to notify residents, to approve nor deny the presentation. Commissioner Don Gustafson moved to continue the presentation until the next Planning Commission meeting. It was seconded and approved for continuance. The commission will continue hearing the proposal on August 14th.