The teachers at Meadow Lane Elementary School located in Lees Summit will now be able to provide all of their students this coming school year with lunch debt help and snacks that they usually end up paying for themselves out of pocket. Their students will be able to concentrate on learning and less about if they have enough in their account to get lunch.

GEHA is a self-insured and not-for-profit association and is the second-largest national health plan and the second-largest national dental plan serving federal employees, federal retirees and their families.  In GEHA’s Health Services Divison, the Peer Ambassador Committee and VP Karen Schuler presented a $2,500 check to Meadow Lane Elementary School Thursday, August 9,2018.  The check is symbolic, as the employees through fundraising are donating directly to the school.

“The Health Services Division employees who serve on the Peer Ambassador Committee provides leadership and encouragement to other GEHA employees to participate in charitable and community activities. Through the Peer Ambassador Committee, our division is helping GEHA meet an important corporate goal: Promoting a culture of accountability, collaboration, innovation and social responsibility. Thank you to all the Peer Ambassador Committee members and every employee that continues to make a difference at GEHA and within our community,” stated Shannon Reynolds

Pamela William shares, “I joined the Peer Ambassador Committee to try and make a positive difference in our local community and neighborhood.  My passion is trying to find ways to help the people that fall thru the cracks. Not everyone that needs help, fit the parameters of the large organizations.  I hope GEHA can reach those children, neighbors and seniors thru the projects we are have adopted.”

Last year, Pamela Williams organized with her peers in her department at GEHA and was able to raise enough funds to clear out ALL of the student’s lunch debt at Meadow Lane Elementary School, which is located just a few blocks southeast of GEHA’s corporate office in Lees Summit.

Peer Ambassador Committee at GEHA consists of

  • Dawn Stewart – Committee Chairman
  • Holli Hoette – Committee Secretary
  • Pamela Williams – Committee Member
  • Amanda Kreader – Committee Member
  • Chantal Hoffecker – Committee Member

Company Leadership with P.A.C. – Karen Schuler, Shannon Reynold, and Linda McClary