By Fred Liggett

Many Tigers fans and area media attention has focused on the dedicated senior class that has helped elevate the Missouri Tigers to an 8-4 record in 2018 and a berth in the 2018 Auto Zone Liberty Bowl. While that attention is well earned no one can forget or go to sleep on the efforts made by true freshman wide receiver Dominic Gicinto who once competed for Raytown High School.

Now wearing #14 for the Tigers football program, Gicinto has made quite an impression in his inaugural season competing in the Southeastern Conference. Just like his teammates Dominic is excited about playing in the Auto Zone Liberty Bowl. Gicinto says he learned about it “from my mom who watched the bowl selection show, then texted it to me.” Dominic was at his uncle’s house in the Lake of the Ozarks at the time. Dominic adds, “Pretty cool to make a bowl, being able to go to my first bowl game in my first year.”

Dominic says Memphis is “A nice city, kinda cool to have teammates from the area to show you around.” A few family members will be on hand Monday to watch Dominic play in the Auto Zone Liberty Bowl. Dominic says “my mom, grandma, an aunt and uncle will be there.” The Tigers football team arrived in Memphis on the afternoon of Dec. 26 to prepare for the game to be played on Dec. 31. During that time the team will practice and then participate in some bowl sponsored fun activities. For this Raytown native though Dominic simply states “Just ready to go play the game to be honest.”

When the topic of past Missouri/Oklahoma State games comes up Dominic says he does recall the two teams being members of the Big 12 conference. One game that stands out for him was watching KC native DE Shane Ray help the Tigers get a win over the Cowboys in Conference game. The 60th Annual Auto Zone Liberty Bowl game will be played on Dec. 31st. The nationally televised game by ESPN will kickoff at 2:45 p.m. The time has almost come for Dominic to help the Tigers get a win over the Cowboys in a bowl game giving him a fun tale to tell in the future.

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