Mallory Herrmann

Historic preservation and economic development via Longview tax increment financing continues to progress. And a new community improvement district (CID) in the area will be up for consideration.

Since the last status update to the city council in the fall, the Longview Mansion has had its grand reopening the plan for the lake and pergola has finally been solidified. Restoration of the lake and pergola is the only item remaining from phase I of the preservation projects to be completed. The project is going to cost about $1 million more than initial expectations, due to added steps related to dredging and restoration of the lake. A detailed construction budget will be submitted for approval in March with the intention of being completed by next spring.

The new proposed CID would fund a traffic signal at Third Street and Kessler Drive, shared structured parking, a streetscape plan, maintenance for the North Arch, and an activity plaza. A new 1-percent sales tax would be imposed in the commercial areas to fund these improvements, as well as the plaza, at a total cost of approximately $5.48 million.

The activity plaza is shown with a community green space and performance stage, a small pergola, and a terrace connecting to a restaurant space. The plaza would be located on a one-acre site at the corner of Fascination Drive and SW Longview Boulevard, adjacent to the B&B New Longview 7 movie theater. The space is designed to interface with adjacent retail and restaurants and to drive additional traffic to the area.

The presentation on the new CID at the city council’s Jan. 22 meeting was just a preview. A full presentation will be given with a public hearing at their next meeting on Feb. 5.