March 22, 2019

Dear Editor:

We are writing to encourage Raytown voters to elect Tony Jacob for Mayor.

Three of the many reasons are:

  1. Tony Jacob, as a citizen, has been effective in collecting more than 1600 signature to cause a State Audit on the city of Raytown Finances. Tony has identified irregularities and the people need to know. We need the truth.
  2. Tony Jacob has the ability to get along and lead people from all walks of life.
  3. Tony Jacob has studied and has a complete knowledge of city government, and how to accomplish goals as identified by citizens.
    This is an important election for the future of Raytown. Tony can lead us forward with the careful use of funds, his accessibility, and his desire for the City of Raytown to be the best place to live and play.

Rosemary and Ralph Boudreaux
Raytown, MO