Mar. 26, 2019

In working with Kelly Wachel, Executive Director of Public Relations for
Lee’s Summit R-7 School District, this is the communications that LSHS provided to students, staff and families regarding a false alarm.

Good afternoon Tiger Parents,

I just wanted to communicate, briefly, about a false alarm that happened at Lee’s Summit High School this afternoon.  A bit after 1:00 p.m., our panic alarm sounded. According to process and practice, we went into our lockdown procedures. Working quickly to assess the situation, we identified that the panic alarm was a false alarm.  

Within eight minutes after the false alarm was triggered, we notified our staff that it was a false alarm. The lockdown was then lifted shortly thereafter. Students were eventually moved from sixth hour to seventh hour – just eight minutes behind schedule.

Electricians responded to our school as soon as possible to determine the cause of the panic button engaging. We are continuing to work with our security team, facilities team and staff to remedy the cause of the false alarm.

We are appreciative of our students and our staff in terms of how quickly and calmly they went into our lockdown procedures. Just as soon as I was able to verbally communicate with all of our students, I reassured their safety and thanked them for their cooperation.

With continued Tiger Pride,

John M. Faulkenberry, Ed.D.

Principal, Lee’s Summit High School