Mar. 30, 2019

Dear Editor

I am writing to voice my support and endorsement of Michael McMenus for the open board position in the Lee’s Summit R7 School District.

I am a life-long St. Louis woman, who has been fortunate to make Lee’s Summit my home since 2011. I wouldn’t want it any other way- I love Kansas City and Lee’s Summit as a place to call home.

I have been watching the recent school board elections with intensity. The candidates are plenty. However, it is the actions of one particular candidate that give me the most hope. The candidate is Michael McMenus.

Michael, has a firm grasp on the district concerns and issues. His children are either currently attending or have attended the LSR7 school district. He is active in their calendar and participates regularly by involving himself in the curriculum and the scheduled activities related to the district.

Specifically, at the recent board candidate’s debate, Michael was the first person to bring up bullying as a real mental health issue that leads to increases in violence at school. He is committed to making sure all students can attend school and feel safe as they learn.

Secondly, Michael McMenus believes that the new growth for the Lee’s Summit area must include school board representation on zoning and planning committees. How brilliant! Yes! Representation from the school board must play into any city planning.

Raising my hand and voting for Michael McMenus means I am voting for the success of our schools and students.

Caroline Hammond
Lee’s Summit, MO