June 22, 2019

Opinion~Letter to Editor and LSR7 Board Members

Dear LSR7 Board Members

What fantastic news that our LSR7 Schools will finally move forward with the Equity Planning & Training!

I have been quite alarmed and ashamed of late to hear this issue dragged through our Nationwide Media and Social Media.

In my opinion, anyone should easily see that Dr. Carpenter has only had our Schools, Students, Teachers, and Community’s best interests at heart and mind.

For the people publicly and privately against this and for the threats Dr. Carpenter has received, therein lies the real problem and I think makes even more apparent what great need our community has for, and can all benefit from, this Equity Planning & Training.

Progress is never simple nor easy! Thank you for being brave and tough enough to withstand public pressures that I do not understand and do what is definitely “the right thing”!

I’m glad to find out, and applaud you for the fact, that you all finally allowed common sense to prevail.

Our family put our 4 children through Lee’s Summit R7 Schools K-12 and they have all moved on to be great community Citizens. We moved to Lee’s Summit and bought a house here in 1995 just to ensure that our four (4) children would be guaranteed to receive one of the top K-12 educations in Missouri, and we were certainly never disappointed in that decision because it all turned out even better than we had hoped or planned.

You have restored my faith in you, The LSR7 Board of Education, and I will tell anyone this whenever and wherever I hear this subject come up. I know that you’ll have a huge response of support from our community for doing this instead just rolling over and playing dead.

Best of Luck to you all as you have just taken the very best first step possible.

I am very proud of you and you have renewed my Faith in you, as the Leaders of our LSR7 Schools.

Best Regards,
Rod Abel
Lee’s Summit

1 Comment

1 Comment

  • Shelly Givan

    June 27, 2019 - 11:04 pm

    Agree completely! I had lost faith and now realized that they were listening.

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