June 25, 2019

The Jackson County Detention Center implemented a universal security screening process on May 16, 2019, for safety and security purposes. The security screening process requires everyone entering the jail’s secure perimeter or having contact in the jail with inmates to pass through a metal detector.

In addition, all bags are subject to search and must pass through security. The security measures were established to reduce illegal contraband from entering into the Detention Center.

Jackson County Sheriff Office

 The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office obtained video footage from May 17, 2019, the first full day of the security screening process. The video captures an attorney entering the facility to visit an inmate. The inmate was awaiting sentencing for murder charges. The attorney approached the visitation desk to check in.

After being informed of the recently implemented security screening process by the Corrections Officer, the attorney pulled out a plastic baggie from a personal bag that contained a pocket knife and gave it to the desk officer.

Jackson County Detention Center administration staff believe that knife would have been taken into a contact visit between the attorney and the inmate if the security screening process was not implemented.  

“This incident is why the Jackson County Detention Center must have a security screening in place,” said Sheriff Darryl Forté. “While we do not know what her intentions for having the knife were, the security screening process served its purpose as a deterrent. It is common knowledge that all weapons are prohibited inside penal institutions. Everyone will go through the security screening process. There will be no special privileges granted to any group, individual, or organizations. The citizens of Jackson County, MO, voted to place the Detention Center under the administrative control of the Sheriff’s Office because they desired change. We will continue to make necessary changes and adjustments to ensure that the safety and security of all remain a priority.” 

The video footage can be found by visiting: Jackson County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page and Twitter @JCSheriffOffice social media account.

Audio transcript:

Attorney: Hey, how are you?
Officer: Good, how are you?
Attorney: Here you go
Attorney: OK, I have two XXXX XXXX
Officer: He’s on the fourth floor
Attorney: OK, and then I have XXXX XXXX
Officer: OK, starting today all [unintelligible] attorneys [unintelligible] have to go through the scanner
Attorney: OK
Officer: As part of [unintelligible]
Attorney: OK, did something happen?
Officer: I don’t know what happened
Attorney: I’m glad you told me, because I do have a pocket knife in here. Here, I’ll give it to you [unintelligible]