Letter to the editor ~ Opinion

I voted for a change!

And one of President Trump’s pledges was to rebuild our infrastructure.

Today the oldest infrastructure we have is our railroads and they need to be updated!

We need to update the railroads with a new light rail!

A light rail that can carry passengers and light freight.

In the 1950s Railroad passenger service and track maintenance fell off, causing delays and unhappy railway customers.

In 1960 many railroads stop passenger traffic altogether and the bottom fell out when the Postal Service pulled off the railways in 1967.

Today we have to get the Postal Service back on the light rail.

We need passenger service and postal service on the light rail!

Fedex needs to merge into the light rail!

We can’t afford to build more roads and we can’t afford to maintain the roads we have with all the truck traffic on them today.

All this truck traffic is controlled from the feds in Washington DC.

I believe all the reps in Washington DC should be paid by the States they represent, and there should be term limits on the transportation lobbyist.

John Ivey