Prepared by: Capt. Dyon Harper

September 3, 2019

Raytown, MO-Raytown Police will launch a social media campaign tonight (September 3, 2019) in an effort to prevent crime. The campaign, called the “9PM Routine,” will encourage Raytown residents to take crime prevention steps every evening. Raytown Police will use Facebook and Twitter to send alerts around 9 PM periodically through each week. The alerts will remind members of the community to secure their vehicles and homes each night, as well as take other simple, but effective steps to prevent crime. There are many steps that a person can take to prevent being a victim of a crime. Simple actions include bringing valuables from vehicles into the home at night, making sure that garage doors are closed, exterior lights are turned on, and gates and sheds are closed and locked.

The success of this initiative relies on the participation of our residents. Every person can take personal steps to make our community safer from criminals seeking to target unlocked homes, cars, and sheds. The Raytown Police look forward to joining our residents in reducing crime in Raytown; however, anyone can join the 9PM Routine, no matter what community they live in.

Follow the Raytown Police at and to receive 9PM Routine reminders.

The 9PM Routine has been successfully adopted by many other law enforcement agencies and the Raytown Police are excited to bring the initiative to Raytown.