May 23, 2020

To the editor:

On Tuesday, June 2nd, we can make a difference for our community by voting YES on the Lee’s Summit R-7 no-tax-rate-increase bond issue. As a member of the CFMP team that made recommendations to the District regarding improvements needed for the District and how to deal with increasing enrollments, I can say that the bond was developed to protect our investment in existing schools and the District that has already been made, as well as make a huge investment into the future of our District and its students. It is important to note that the items covered by the bond are necessary for all students regardless of age and comes as the result of a No-Tax-Increase Bond.

I encourage you to learn more at Your YES vote on June 2nd means a great deal for our children, schools, and community. Together we can learn, grow, build, succeed and ensure a bright future for education in Lee’s Summit.

Brady Cantrell
Lee’s Summit, MO