May 29, 2020

Hello friends of Paradise Park,

Late last week the health department released the requirements for Phase 2 of the reopening in Jackson County. Unfortunately, they still have all children’s “playground equipment” and many of the indoor and outdoor spaces (like we have at Paradise Park) fully quarantined or very limited for occupancy. In Phase 2 there are no groups greater than 50 people in one space and begins on June 1. The county confirmed that they would reassess after 14 to 28 days to see if they can go to Phase 3, if everything is under control with the virus. In Phase 3 more spaces are allowed to open up but max out with gatherings of 100 people.

 The challenging part for us at Paradise Park is that this pandemic occurred right as we were managing our way out of our typical slower winter season. This shut down has hit us in our 5 peak months of the annual business cycle. As a gathering place and entertainment destination, we have had no good options to produce any substantial revenue over the last 3 months. In an effort to save the business, we have managed our way with a full commitment to Conservation Mode.

The next 2 months also look like we will have very limited ways to produce enough revenue to offset our overhead and operating expenses. Additionally, health officials are encouraging all people to still avoid large gathering places and non-essential business.

We have thought about all of the small parts and pieces of play equipment that make our entertainment space fully interactive and “hands-on” for all families to enjoy. We know it will be a major challenge to disinfect every piece of play equipment between each person’s touch. This will require a substantial increase in staffing and supervision of their accountability. We will not be able to easily open the areas like Discovery Play, the Foam Factory and Escape Rooms until this virus is under control and there are treatments that will keep everyone safe.

We count on all of our attractions as a whole to help us cover the overhead of operating the facility. The loss of these attractions all truly limits any potential for a break even opportunity for the Park to be open over the next 10 months at minimum.

The only way we can protect the Park long term is to remain in full Conservation Mode and personally work to keep it in pristine condition so it’s easily ready to reopen after the COVID-19 crisis is over.

This will give us time to ride out the storm and watch how other open businesses are being affected, as well as, learn their best practices before we start jumping back in to operate as we have in the past or with a new normal moving forward. 

For members this means that during this COVID-19 closure, our plan is to suspend payment for all monthly memberships, and extend memberships for the same time period that the Park is closed for both annual passes and pre-paid Family Discovery Passes. If you have questions, please email

We really do appreciate your patience while we are determining our next steps to reopen the Park. 

Again, we wish you wellness during this time and hope you are finding special ways to make good memories with your families and friends. 

Jon Ellis Founder and CEOParadise Park