May 30, 2020

Dear Lee’s Summit Tribune,

I would like you to know about the outstanding service I consistently receive from Councilmember Fred DeMoro. I have had many conversations with Mr. DeMoro over the course of his time on the council and I have always received a prompt response and resolution to my problems.

There are many challenges facing Lee’s Summit and Councilmember DeMoro is always knowledgeable about how to move forward with development and the services and facilities needed to support the growth of Lee’s Summit.

I know as a result of conversations with Fred he stands in support of all employees in Lee’s Summit and wants the best for all that serve our great city.

His advocacy of public safety is very commendable resulting in Lee’s Summit being a competitive city to retain and recruit firefighters and police officers and maintaining the professional status of both organizations.

Thank you Fred DeMoro for giving yourself to Lee’s Summit and always keeping the residents and our city in mind when you make decisions that affect us all and I will be supporting you in the election on June 2nd.

Anne Best
Lee’s Summit