May 30, 2020

By Nick Swearngin

As a life-long resident of Lee’s Summit and a former member of the City Council, I want to share why I believe Steve Lambert is the best choice we have for City Council, District 1.

Steve is my friend. I call him my friend because he is a man of his word. He is well respected by people all across our great city. He’s a great listener and a well thought out decision-maker.

Steve is very compassionate. He would be empathetic and responsive to the needs and issues brought to his attention by constituents. I know that he would make himself available to constituents on a daily basis. I also find Steve to be a conservative man and a person of the highest integrity and character.

Steve and his wife, Jane, have lived in Lee’s Summit for about 20 years and Steve grew up in the Kansas City area. They have been successful small business owners for 26 years. We both attend Abundant Life Church in Lee’s Summit with our families.

As a former City Council member, I know what elected officials have to do to make tough decisions. Speaking of tough decisions, we’re facing some very tough decisions right now with the COVID-19 situation.

Local officials and city planners and all of us as citizens of Lee’s Summit will have some very tough decisions to make moving forward.

Some of the biggest decisions will be about 4000 acres of land that will be developed in Lee’s Summit over the next 10 years or so. We have got to make the best decisions possible.

That will require common sense, integrity, no underlying issues and no outside influences that may be funding somebody’s campaign.

Steve is not a politician. He doesn’t have any political agenda. He wants to do what is best for his family and seven grandchildren that live here. He wants to see that land developed for the better good of all the citizens in our community.

I want to see that 4000 acres have the best possible economic impact for our community. While that’s happening, we need to make sure nothing is destroyed that is good that people love about this community. We need Lee’s Summit to stay on course with the direction that has made us fall in love with our community.

Steve would bring integrity, financial responsibility and common sense to the Lee’s Summit City Council. I believe he will lead well and be an example for people to follow.

Please consider voting for my friend, Steve Lambert, this Tuesday, June 2nd. If you don’t live in District 1, will you please tell your friends, family and co-workers that live in District 1 to consider voting for Steve.

I believe in Steve and I think he would be a great asset to the City Council. Thank you for your consideration of voting for Steve Lambert on Tuesday.

Nick Swearngin
Owner, John’s Barber Shop, Lee’s Summit
Former member, Lee’s Summit City Council