June 12, 2020

Shortly the City Council will hold hearings and will vote on the new proposed TIF project on 291 Highway that involves a relocation of the Missouri State Troopers building, the Quik Trip on 291, and a re-routing of Blue Parkway. This project has a number of positive aspects, but as currently written this project will cost the LSR7 School District about $1 million in unexpected costs.

The reconfigured Blue Parkway will require the Lee’s Summit High School to give up needed parking space and reconfigure parking to a different location at estimated costs of $1 million, funds that were not contemplated in the recently passed bond issue. Combine this with almost certain cuts in state funding due to state revenue problems with anticipated declining enrollment and subsequent additional reductions in state funding, and it is easy to understand the school district’s opposition to how this TIF program is structured.  Effectively, this project forces the school district to finance part of the project without its consent. 

In addition to that, the district is being asked to grant an easement of school property without compensation.

Whether this project is good for Lee’s Summit and whether it is feasible financially given the current economic mess is a question I am sure the Council will adequately consider. Hopefully due consideration will also be given to the concerns of the district. 

Lenny Cacchio,
Lee’s Summit, MO