June 20, 2020

Dear Editor

Black Lives Matter is a racist group. Just replace the word “Black” with “White” and imagine how people would respond.

I know of no one that supports the actions the police took in the George Floyd case. The policeman involved has been charged with murder. That means the system is working.

When you look at the statistics unarmed black men are very rarely killed by police. Most young black men are killed by other young black men. This emotional demand for vast new restriction on the police is unjustified.

The number of police that have been killed, and the businesses that have been damaged and or destroyed during the riots is not justified. Bricks and frozen water bottles were prepositioned, and targets were chosen ahead of time showing the events were premeditated. The people involved need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

One may easily email the state and local senators and representative at: senate.gov, house.gov, senate.mo.gov and house.mo.gov. I would urge you to let your elected officials know what you think after careful thought and reflection.

Finally, I would suggest you buy a “Blue Live Matter” bumper sticker and place it on your vehicle to support the police. I found mine with a quick internet search.

Tom Lehman
Lee’s Summit, MO