July 25, 2020

I think Mayor Lucas is doing a very very good job!

Today we can’t set on the Rock Island Corridor and study anymore.

There should be an audit on the purchase of the Rock Island Corridor.

Did Union Pacific receive $59.9 million!

Union Pacific controlled about 23 or 24 miles of Rock Island right away.

They wanted to sell the 17.6 miles because they wanted to use the other remaining mileage to double track the freight line.

Years ago that entire Union Pacific line was appraised by four or five cities.

Pleasant Hill, Greenwood, Lee’s Summit, Raytown and possibly KC, Mo.

Please ask those cities what it was appraised for!

Today there is a 2050 rail plan out and Marc covers a much larger today than did in 2005.

Today I believe Kansas City Southern could build new light rail that could carry passengers, light freight and service the US Postal Service!

Unify KC with Transportation!

John Ivey

PS: Today I’m so glad that the Governor of Missouri has called a special session to talk about guns and violence.