Opinion ~ Letter to the Editor ~ By Keri Ingle

October 3, 2020

It’s impossible for me to read the allegations made in the Kansas City Star article and not think of the countless child and adult survivors I worked with when I investigated sexual and physical abuse. I’m saddened to hear their story, but I commend their courage in coming forward.

I believe them.

State Representative Keri Ingle, LMSW

As a social worker and mother of two young children, I am appalled that someone who allegedly committed such heinous acts would seek elected office.

Abuse of children is not a partisan issue, but one that brings us together to seek solutions to both prevent abuse, and to punish those who hurt our most precious and vulnerable citizens. I believe in forgiveness and the ability of individuals to change, but the honor of serving in the People’s House is a privilege that certain acts preclude.

The families of Lee’s Summit deserve better. The children of Missouri certainly do.

I call upon Republican leadership to denounce the candidacy of Rick Roeber.

State Representative Keri Ingle, LMSW