From LSR7 to their families Nov. 2, 2020

With the winter months coming up, we are communicating with you today regarding how virtual instruction will be incorporated into the district’s implementation of our first five snow or inclement weather days this year.

As you may know, beginning in the 2020-21 school year, a new state law allows schools to create a state-approved alternative methods of instruction (AMI) plan to fulfill up to 5 days of time lost in the classroom due to events outside of the district’s control — such as inclement weather, a utility outage etc. — that prompt the cancellation of school.

What this means: The state will now allow school districts to provide instruction virtually for up to five snow/inclement weather days; districts do not have to make up these days up at the end of the year if students receive instruction from home.

Since the start of the pandemic, Lee’s Summit R-7 Schools has remained committed to providing students instructional activities and connections to the learning environment during periods of school closures. With new state clearance, we feel it is important that this commitment extend to school closures prompted by inclement weather. LSR7 will call an “AMI Day” or virtual learning day for the first five days that snow or inclement weather impact ability to hold school in-person.Only starting on our sixth snow/inclement weather day would we cancel classes as has been custom during snow/inclement weather days of the past.

On AMI days, district communication will be sent to families and staff announcing that school will take place virtually, along with reminders for students regarding how to access instructional materials.

  • Every teacher will use the Schoology platform to share lessons, assignments and resources with students.
  • Teachers will post assignments and learning opportunities each day by 9 a.m. Teachers will hold daily office hours to guide and assist students. Teachers will communicate with students via email, Google Meets and Schoology Messaging.
  • Students are expected to access and complete assignments, meet deadlines, engage in the work and communicate with their teachers, peers or parents if they are needing assistance.
  • Work must be completed in order for student attendance for the day(s) to be counted.
  • While some critical staff will continue reporting to school sites, please assume that most employees will be working remotely and are best reached via email. 

The district can choose to use a two-hour delay for days when additional time is needed to allow temperatures to increase and/or time to treat roads. Click here for more information on the two-hour delay (PDF).