July 31, 2021

A new small business has opened recently in Lee’s Summit. The TruKC offers boutique clothing, home décor and furniture.

Owner Sarah Boehnlein started her business in 2017 out of a RV she repurposed as a shop on wheels.

“I primarily did pop up organized events,” she recalls.”My goal was to support locally and regionally made apparel, gifts and home decor. I also had started to sell in other area KC stores the apparel and hats that I designed myself.”

Last summer Boehnlein made the decision to sell the RV

“I was just going to stay focused on designing my own tees and hats to grow the business at the other stores I was in,” she says.

Then the first of this year she decided she needed more work space and began to look for retail space that would offer both a workshop in back and small retail front. In March she signed the lease and spent two months gutting and making the space her own.

“I am excited to now have a brick and mortar location of my own located at 856 SW Blue Pkwy. (In shopping center off Hwy 50 & 3rd St),” Boehnlein says. “I still support locally and regionally made items and with the larger space, now also able to carry furniture.“