August 7, 2021

Door Systems of Lee’s Summit has donated $10,000 to RIP Medical Debt in the name of Saint Luke’s East Hospital, allowing families and individuals relief from crushing medical debt. Most importantly, it provides struggling persons a fresh start, a path to financial stability, and hope for a better tomorrow. Jim Payne, owner of Door Systems Lee’s Summit, believes in a better tomorrow for those affected by illness – the sick, their caretakers, a tireless medical staff and healthcare facilities – all who are facing unprecedented challenges during this time of uncertainty.

The contribution will help the most vulnerable navigate through a debt of necessity, rising healthcare prices, and day-today living expenses. It will help our local communities, rattled by the unexpected COVID crisis, get back on their feet. Founded in 2014 RIP Medical Debt buys medical debt in large bundles, negotiates pay-off amounts for pennies on the dollar, and uses donor funds to wipe out medical debt for those who need it the most. Since inception, they have eradicated over $4 billion in medical debts and helped over 2,500,000 families with financial recovery.

In a letter to Door Systems of Lee’s Summit, RIP Medical Debt writes, “Your gift will abolish debilitating medical debt, giving recipients and their families a fresh start and empowering them to embark on a new path of greater financial stability. For the populations served by medical debt relief, this donation is a radical act of generosity and can be wide-reaching within communities.” –Scott G. Patton, Director of Development. Saint Luke’s East Hospital is a faith-based, not-for-profit, 201-bed facility. The COVID-19 epidemic forced local healthcare workers to keep pace with longer hours and a stretched staff. The donation made in their name was a conscious one. Door Systems wanted to acknowledge their hard work and shed light on their dedication to caring for our sick and injured during the recent public health emergency.

“Jim Payne’s generous gift will help many people who are struggling during this difficult time,” said Bobby Olm-Shipman, CEO of Saint Luke’s East Hospital. “Jim’s commitment to Lee’s Summit and those in need in our community during the pandemic is well-known. This is another example of his kindness. Saint Luke’s East is honored to have him make this donation in our name and in recognition and support of our tireless healthcare workers.”

With this timely, relevant, and heartfelt donation, Door Systems of Lee’s Summit is opening the door for families to feel the relief of mounting medical debt. Its triple win effect is a way for a local business to recognize a hardworking medical facility, raise awareness for the local community, and touch the lives of local individuals.

Door Systems of Lee’s Summit is located at 507 SW Lea Drive, Lee’s Summit, MO, 64081. As a locally owned door and window business, they emphasize the importance of supporting other local businesses, schools, and public organizations. The wellness of the Lee’s Summit residents and making the community a better place to live is an active priority for the entire Door System’s staff.