September 4, 2021

Dan Hall

(Last Sunday, the minister discussed “gifts” each of us is given by God. His challenge was for us use our “gifts.” My gift of writing is my motivation for this article. Having worked and traveled throughout the Middle-East, my prayers are for the good people who live in that region.)

These past two weeks have been extremely painful to this American, as twenty years of America’s fighting religious evil in Afghanistan came into clear view..…and evil, not good, has prevailed.

It is needless to recite all the terrorist evil that has transpired…. the anguish of families as 13 American service members’ lifeless bodies were returned to the Dover, Delaware, airbase to a thankless commander-in-chief. These thirteen were needlessly murdered, in Afghanistan, because of this heartless stubborn old man’s decisions, and a religious terrorist, suicide bomber. A heartbroken mother of one of these murdered Marines was quoted as saying that the blood of her son was on the hands of the President and of every illegal vote cast, including those who voted for Joe Biden as President.

Now what does America, and the world, face in the next few years? Unfortunately, for the next three plus years we face almost certain renewed terrorist attacks. With over five thousand terrorist prisoners released by the “new” Taliban, and with our southern border wide open to illegal immigration, we can expect many new terrorist attacks on American soil. With our military failure to destroy the some $83 billions of a vast arsenal of weapons, tanks, Blackhawk helicopters, jet fighters, and the most modern American technology to operate unchecked, our communist and religious enemy’s will be able to cause undue destruction to human and military targets here and around the world.

Even more alarming, is the close connection between the Taliban and their primary supporter, Pakistan, who for twenty years has given the Taliban a save protection from our American Military. Should the Muslim Pakistani government be overthrown, by the Taliban religious terrorists, then the real possibility of Israel’s elimination by nuclear attack will come true. That of course would lead to total nucular war in the Mid-East, Europe, and beyond.

My prayer is that nothing of these real possibilities will come to pass. However, we American people need to wake up, and hold our current President, our “woke” General Military Staff, plus our US State Department accountable, and hope they have the “gift of honor” to resign to be replaced by American Patriots.