Dear LSR7 School Community:

Today, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt sent Missouri school districts and public health departments letters asserting that school officials and public health officials do not have the authority to implement quarantine protocols and mask requirements. Attorney General Schmitt’s letter is based on a recent decision by a Cole County circuit court judge declaring public health orders “null and void” if they have not been approved by an elected body.

At this time we are clarifying that Attorney General Schmitt’s letter does not impact LSR7’s current quarantine and mask protocols for the following reasons.

  • Our district indoor mask requirement for elementary school buildings through Dec. 21, 2021 was approved by a Board of Education vote on Nov. 18, 2021. Kansas City, Mo. also has a mask requirement approved by elected officials impacting Summit Pointe through Jan. 1, 2022.
  • Board policies approved by elected officials enforce the district’s responsibility to protect the health of students and employees from the risks of communicable diseases, including adherence to local health guidelines such as quarantines. As of today, those county protocols are still in place.

In short, there are no changes to our mask or quarantine protocols at this time. All students, staff and visitors to our elementary building sites must wear masks indoors through Dec. 21, 2021, and we will continue to implement quarantine protocols in alignment with the Jackson County Health Department. Federal law and regulations require mask-wearing on all district buses at all times.

As a reminder, our mitigation measures are subject to change, and we will always communicate changes to our processes with you proactively as necessary.

Thank you for your cooperation and support,

Katy Bergen

Executive Director of Public Relations