February 12, 2022

Bill, and his wife Sherrie, have been residents of Lee’s Summit for 26 years. He and his wife had the privilege of having their three children attend Lee’s Summit schools which prepared their children for life as adults.

Many years were spent heavily involved in LSR7 activities and still continue as they find ways to serve the school and community. Bill has served in the Military, Corporate business, and most recently, 20 years in education. His most recent assignment was rebuilding a program that teaches entrepreneurial skills, and coaching an awesome debate team who has been to NSDA national championships ten years in a row. Bill plans to retire from public education this year and serve his community and begin a consulting ministry with Sherrie. Bill has been an active member in his church and local ministry, which would include the Men’s Ministry, missions, and serving the local and nationwide communities.

Bill has a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Graceland University and a Master’s degree in School Leadership from Baker University.

Bill was approached by a group of close friends who have known him for many years and encouraged him to run for School Board. The feeling was strong that an educator needs to serve on the Board, that he would be a great representative for Lee’s Summit, and that he would fairly support all members of the community. This includes leadership skills, knowledge of education, and a passion for education. Bill’s main goals include:

  1. Moving forward with positive past and present successes of LSR7 and to build a successful future for LSR7 students and families.
  2. Handle existing issues and goal setting with methods that will utilize the knowledge and understanding of these objectives; being able to explain how those objectives match the schools goals, future plans with respect to the families of LSR7. This would include family and community input and a system that will better support communication from families and the community.
  3. Develop a Board that can serve proactively, anticipating future needs and concerns rather than be a reactive Board which can lead to questionable decision-making practices.
  4. Be a good steward with our educational resources.

We shall build on our success, leading the way by providing the highest quality education for our students to compete powerfully in our global economy.

Bill encourages people to vote wisely by choosing the two candidates that would best serve your ideas of LSR7, and vote accordingly.