February 12, 2022

I believe that I have work to complete in my role as a member of the LSR7 Board of Education. A second term will allow me to contribute with consistency, preparedness and a broader understanding of where our school district has been, where it stands currently and how it can progress for a stronger future.

As I consider the mission statement of our District, “We prepare each student for success in life”, I imagine that the responsibilities of accomplishing that mission may start with employees of LSR7 and the BOE, but extends to the hearts and minds of all local citizenry. Each of us have a part of in the prosperity of the educational ecosystem across our community, including the success of our educational partners and counterparts. Collectively we should strive to provide a supportive atmosphere where everyone feels emotionally, physically and intellectually safe in the acceptance and respect of all people. Our differences should lend to a stronger collective, not to the separation of self-interests.

The past three years have been challenging in the LSR7 District. As a Board member, I’ve been a positive, stabilizing force, helping guide the district forward in this pivotal time. We’ve made a lot of progress, but the job isn’t finished. Our District has a new leadership team and I want to be involved in their ongoing development, growth, progress and accountability. My goal is to help make R-7 the best that it can be for our students and our community.

I believe that I provide a calming influence in the current educational, economic and political environment. Collaborative work, constructive dialogue, variety of opinion and personal characteristics can build an incredible structure when all are mutually respected and valued. I have fostered those dynamics in the past and hope to do so in the future.

Our family has an established history in the community and I feel that it is important to contribute to its ongoing success. We’ve lived in the Raintree neighborhood of Lee’s Summit, since 1998, establishing long-standing, deep-seeded foundations. Our two daughters attend the LSR7 School District and will continue to do so. My wife and I have been extremely involved in a variety of community, civic and school district activities, committees and leadership programs our entire time of living here. A few of those organizations include the LS Chamber, Rotary, LS Educational Foundation, Partners in Education, Citizens’ Police Academy & Leadership Academy, LS Cares, LS Parks Foundation and LS Arts Council. We are engaged in leadership capacities at our church and involve our daughters there, as well.