April 2, 2022

Dear Editor:

Once again, Lee’s Summit R-7 School District voters have important choices to make and I am writing to express my point of view as a long-time district Mom and community volunteer as well as a taxpayer and business owner.

For the 2022 election, there are eight candidates who remain on the ballot after some cheap political theater orchestrated by people who couldn’t win a seat on the LSR7 Board themselves.

So, of the eight, four are not longtime parents, volunteers or patrons of the district.

One is an incumbent and he’s not served with distinction nor has he made the case to merit reelection.

One candidate is not running an active campaign and has already endorsed the remaining two candidates. I will focus on them.

I am writing to express my support and appreciation for parents, patrons and volunteers, Larry Anderson and Melissa Kelly-Foxhoven. Each of these two has been thoughtful and active in their campaigns.

These two candidates have gathered support from various district and community leaders and volunteers. They earned my unequivocal support for the April 5 LSR7 Board of Education election and ask humbly for your support of this team.

Pam Hatcher
Taxpayer and Business Owner