April 9, 2022

Thank you, Lee’s Summit Voters, for bestowing upon me the honor of your vote and your trust in my skills and ability to add value to the Lee’s Summit R7 Board of Education as a new Director.

These past few months, I have learned a great deal from you the voters about what concerns you most and what is important to you moving forward. It has been a pleasure getting to know so many people throughout my campaign. I want to convey my deepest appreciation for the support I have received and assure this community that I will serve my term with passion, integrity, and conviction in support of our students, families, and teachers.

I want to convey some special words of appreciation. Most importantly, thank you to my husband and my children for being my rock, my reasons, and my compass through a very challenging couple of months. The time-consuming campaign process was hard on our family, but your support and love were unwavering. To every community member, teacher, substitute, and parent who took the time to ask questions, listen, educate me, and even go forth and advocate in support of me, thank you. To my friends and supporters with Parents Changing Education and the Jackson County Parents Association, thank you. To those experienced public servants in this community who provided me advice, council, and input, your tutelage was valuable and much appreciated. Thank you to every person who donated their time, money, and energy to help me get here. No one can do this alone.

Going forward and for the next three years, I am dedicated to our families and students in providing them a quality education, supporting our diverse learners, and continuing to provide a wide breadth of enriching opportunities for our youth. I want to continue to support our educators and retain LSR7’s prestige as a destination district for area teachers. The Lee’s Summit School District is a pillar of this community, and I will do my part to preserve that quality and continue to seek opportunities for improvement. I will do my very best to represent the voices of this wonderful community. Thank you for electing me.

Heather Eslick