June 18, 2022

Hospitality is an art form which paints in the medium of relationships. From the Earth (FTE) and Missouri Cannabis Clinic (MCC) have dialed in various functions to give Missouri’s patients a positive experience which they hope makes them want to come back again and refer friends. FTE’s approach stems around five key features.

The Greeting: the greeting starts the moment the patient becomes within view of the dispensary. Both interior and exterior are clean, organized with intention, and professional in appearance. To imbue these welcoming vibes and the FTE spirit, they incorporate natural lighting, real plants, and natural moss walls to provide a calming energy the moment anyone enters the space.

The Focus: this is where they listen, with the goal of determining the patient’s needs. For patients the conversation needs to resemble a casual conversation in a social setting, while for budtenders it’s an informal interview. None of this works if the budtender isn’t 1) giving the patient their undivided attention, and 2) if they don’t have an expert knowledge of what their dispensary carries and what those products can be used for. They want the patient to become comfortable with the team and be open about how they can help them.

The Presentation: after absorbing the needs of the patient, the budtender is now trained to present the conclusion of their research. For this purpose, FTE has utilized multiple visual aids around the sales floor to act as learning tools for the budtenders to discuss treatment with the patients. For instance, what are terpenes? What do they do and how do combinations of them cause which effects? How does the endocannabinoid system work? The educated staff can teach patients how to make more refined decisions on their own treatment.

The Decision: once the budtender feels the patient has been given enough information, this information has been absorbed, and used to narrow down a list of products, the patient chooses from an extensive product offering. Once the choice has been made, the team will walk through usages, dosage, techniques, and so the patient receives the most out of their medicine.

From the Earth has five locations in Kansas City, Raytown and Independence.

Missouri Cannabis Clinic makes getting your Medical Card quick and easy. Their mission is to help Missourians gain legal access to marijuana for medical purposes, and to offer continued support to patients throughout their medical journeys. With over three years of industry experience, you know you’re working with trusted medical professionals who can get you legal.

FTE and MCC have a collaboration on the event on Friday, Jun. 24 from 5 to 7 p.m. at Top Tier Venue located at 4701 Blue Ridge Blvd. in Kansas City.

For more information visit fromtheearthmo.com or missouricannabis.clinic.