July 16, 2022

On Aug. 2, the City of Raytown will ask voters to make a decision on three ballot questions that will impact our roads, sidewalks, storm sewers and bridges. The general obligation (GO) bonds will provide the necessary dollars the City needs to improve our infrastructure from now into the future.

More than 40% of our roads are in need of repair. The first two ballot questions work together to rebuild and reconstruct the City’s roads and infrastructure. The City is asking for $53 million in GO bonds: $46 million for streets, roads, bridges, sidewalks, traffic signal upgrades, ADA improvements; and $7.2 million for improving the City’s storm sewer systems. This total amount will be disbursed in phases and paid back over time. It’s very similar to a Home Equity Line of Credit. The $53 million is our max and we can repay it back over time, keeping the payments affordable for taxpayers.

Why do we need this? The City’s current budget can only cover 1% of the repairs needed annually. At this rate, it will take at least 40 years or more to complete all the road and storm sewer repairs and infrastructure needed.

Questions 1, 2 & 3 work together to rebuild, reconstruct, and maintain the City’s roads and infrastructure. Question 3 creates an annual revenue stream to maintain and repair City roads and infrastructure from now and into the future.

People have been asking why we need Question 3. Think of it like this: You buy a car. After you buy the car, you have to maintain it – oil changes, new tires, tune ups, etc. Once the City repairs the roads, we have to maintain it and there’s a cost. Question 3 will allow the City to maintain the roads to keep the good streets good.

The City has a plan. Staff have done their research. We have a number of projects ready to start once the questions have been approved. The Board of Aldermen will vote on specific projects that the staff have identified and we will get started on fixing the roads immediately.

Currently, of every dollar paid in property taxes, only three cents goes to Raytown. The last time city property taxes were increased was in 1978. Try running your business or household on a budget from 1978.

Yes, your property taxes will increase. But all three questions will not double your taxes. The increase could range from $50 to $143 depending upon the assessed value of your home, as well as when and the loan disbursement amounts.

The City has created a website – oneraytown.com, that provides the facts to make an informed decision.

I have lived in Raytown since 1963. It is a wonderful town. I honestly believe that these ballot questions will make Raytown better. I consider it a privilege to be your Mayor.

Thank you and God Bless,
Mayor Mike McDonough