July 30, 2022

I am honored to be endorsing Theresa Cass Galvin who is a candidate for Jackson County, Missouri Executive. I have known Legislator Galvin for over 7 years. She is currently our Jackson County legislative representative in District 6. She has always worked hard for the constituents in the district and for all Jackson County residents. She stays connected with the many city leaders and is active in listening to the citizens of this county. Because she has been a legislator for several years, she would bring a strong institutional knowledge of what is good and what needs corrected in Jackson County government. She is a great steward of the taxpayers’ dollars and has voted no on issues where she believed the expenditures were not in the best interest of the taxpayers.

Collaborating with her on issues that have affected our area, I have seen that she has a heart for all the people of Jackson County and a passion for doing the right thing. She served twice as the Chairman of the Jackson County Legislature. I know she will continue to work hard for all of Jackson County and will represent all of us very well. She will be ready to move forward from the first day in the position with the experience she has acquired in her time as a legislator. I look forward to continuing working with her when she is elected Jackson County Executive.

I ask you to please support her and vote for her for Jackson County Executive in the primary election in August and in the general election in November.

Mayor Mike McDonough
City of Raytown, MO