November 12, 2022

By Fred Liggett

The 2022 season so far has seen the Lee’s Summit North Broncos win 10 out of 11 games. On the field the Broncos use a quick striking offense and a hard hitting defense to find success. Off the field the Broncos are finding success thanks to a team unity being built each week over dinner.

Two senior linebackers, Randall Ward and Kade Williams, along with their families are continuing the tradition of hosting players for dinner on Thursday night. For a while Broncos players were meeting after their Friday night games. In addition to the dinners Kade’s dad Travis Williams says “players hang out at the house on weekends.” Travis states “teams with camaraderie go a long way.” Williams adds, “Players create trust off the field.”

Broncos head football Coach Jamar Mozee knows all about these dinners and get togethers. Mozee says “definitely believe it’s a special thing that our guys are willing to sit down and eat with each other.” Mozee admits, “They make it a point both on offense and defense to have a meal together once a week before each game.” Mozee states “They usually meet at a teammates house or at a local restaurant. It shows they like each other and when you hang out enough you will eventually learn to care about one another.”

Kade Williams has played football all four years at LS North. Williams says the team “has been hanging out more my senior year.” Williams feels “the dinners before the game form a way deeper connection, feeling like you and your brother out there on game nights.” For now the Broncos are hoping to have a few more game nights thanks to a successful post-season. This unified group of Broncos have won a conference title this season and up next is repeating as district champions. A few more wins and the Broncos will be having a celebratory team dinner.