Press Release November 15, 2022

KANSAS CITY, Mo.  –  Jackson County Executive Frank White, Jr. has issued the following statement regarding downtown baseball:

“Tonight, with the rest of our community, I had an opportunity to read the open letter from Royals Owner John Sherman. From the moment I met Mr. Sherman, I was impressed with his honesty, thoughtfulness and love for Kansas City and it is my hope that our residents, many of whom have not met Mr. Sherman personally, get those same feelings through his written words and recognize his commitment to our heartland hometown, beloved baseball team and storied stadium.

“I truly believe there is no one who loves Kauffman Stadium more than I do. Before playing there, I got a job working on the upper deck of the facility to support my family. I never imagined that Ewing Kauffman would bless me with the opportunity that would change my life forever. Because of him, a kid who picked cotton in Mississippi lived his professional baseball dream under lights at Kauffman Stadium for 18 years. Like the thousands of fans who call it home, the memories there are priceless.

“Now as County Executive, I am extremely proud to lead a county that is home to two of the greatest stadiums in professional sports. It is our goal to keep them both in Jackson County for decades to come, while protecting the interests of our residents and ensuring that their voices are the most important in this discussion.

“I look forward to continuing to work with all parties involved, but we have a long way to go before any decisions are made on a downtown stadium. Specifically, I am interested in hearing more about Mr. Sherman’s proposal in terms of location, cost, funding sources and specific new and added benefits to the community.”