November 19, 2022

This evening I was thinking about the recent election and how everyone is focused on what the national news is reporting but I’m thinking about our community of Raytown.

Fortunately the bonds issue for sewers passed but the issue regarding our roads failed by 39 votes. As we enter winter we can be sure by spring our roads will be worse than they are now, which will lead to calls to public works and the elected officials.

Alderman Greg Walters worked diligently to defeat the bond issue for the roads without offering any solution for the problem. I think that since he worked so hard to defeat the issue that as elected officials and the city receive the calls regarding the poor condition of the street that they should give Greg’s cell number out so he can offer a solution. Of course we all know that he will blame others for the failures of what he created but as a community we will be aware that it’s his handiwork. What have we gained by Greg’s work and really what has Raytown gained by his presence on the board? He has just worked to defeat a proposition that would make Raytown better.

Former Alderman Joe Creamer