January 7, 2023

As filing has ended for candidates for Alderman in the upcoming election, I sat back and looked at the names and wondered to myself which candidate would shine?

Raytown like many other cities is cash strapped and we need leadership that can come up with ideas to set Raytown apart, so when these candidates come to your door make sure to give them hard questions that will challenge them. The interesting race is Ward 1 that will pit a relatively new candidate against Greg Walters. Greg has been on the board for 30 plus years and can boast absolutely no accomplishment. He is Raytown’s Chicken Little that has been yelling that the sky is falling for years, yet it hasn’t happened.

Greg wouldn’t know the first thing about creating consensus around his ideas, the only consensus he was able to get his fellow Alderman around was to censure him his last term. Demonte Rochester is running on change but I’ve yet to hear his definition of change? He’s been in town for a short time, so we really don’t know who he is?

Former Alderman Joe Creamer