January 21, 2023

As I write to you today about the upcoming election, one thing I’m sure of is Alderman Greg Walters will put the conspiracy theory out there that waste, fraud and abuse is rampant at Raytown City Hall.

When the results were revealed in the Missouri State audit in 2020, it completely dispelled that conspiracy theory that has circulated in the city for as long as I can remember.

What the audit did reveal was that there are areas where improvement was needed. Immediately after the release of the findings by the auditors Greg immediately spoke against those findings. Greg has been on the board for over 30 years espousing that conspiracy theory and has utilized his blog to tell lies and half truths to support those claims, yet hasn’t offered the proverbial smoking gun to back his claims.

Having served several years on the board with Greg, I’ve witnessed no super power that “Dr. NO” possesses to refute the findings from the audit. What I have witnessed is “Dr. NO” coming to board meetings unprepared and often he would request tabling an issue to give him time to research something that he had not researched, when he had documentation on the issue right in front of him.

Former Alderman Joe Creamer