January 28, 2023

Let me give the residents of Ward 1 some talking points when Greg Walters comes to your door. “Dr. NO” has used the power of his blog to perpetrate lies and half-truths to divide the people of this fine city. If you pay attention to Greg, he will bash City Hall and its employees on his blog claiming their deeds are nefarious in intent by picking some nugget from a situation and creating the story he wants to project in order to divide people.

In doing so on his blog, he will utilize anonymous comments to push his narrative without the reader ever knowing the origin of that comment. Additionally, what he does is filter out comments that are truthful or factual to prevent the tamping down of his narrative. The question is why would Greg do this?

The only conclusion that I can come up with is to retain power and inflate his own self-worth. I’ve witnessed him cursing at citizens at the polls who bring a comment of truth to his face, actions that can only be explained as those of one who is a narcissist. As Greg approaches your door, present truth to him and see what happens.

It has been brought to my attention that Greg Walters has dedicated his blog this week to the process to follow on reporting potholes for repair. As a cognitive thinker I can’t help but to revisit just a few short months ago when Greg worked so diligently to prevent the passage of the bond issue for comprehensive repair of our failing streets and ask myself why is Greg all of the sudden so concerned about our failing street system?

One only has to look into Greg’s past to realize that at election time he tries to pass himself off as this super concerned elected official, only to revert to his old ways once elected.

Historically, a couple of months prior to the election he will feature flowers on his blog and write these nice things, then while walking he will pass out a printed copy of his blog to entice the voter to visit his blog to look at the flowers.

One should ask themselves why the Board of Alderman censured Greg unanimously, without any objections, if he is what he tries to portray himself as at election season?

Essentially what Greg wants is a system of increased services from a cash strapped city that doesn’t have the funds to repair the streets. If Greg were truly sincere as he is attempting to portray himself, why not just act like he does after the election?

Former Alderman Joe Creamer