February 4, 2023

Submitted by Kathryn (Kathy) Campbell

Kathy Campbell, LSR7 Board President recently announced her candidacy for the 2023 LSR7 Board of Education election.

Serving our district and community as a member of the board since 2020 and as President of the Board this past year, Kathy is proud of the trajectory the district is on and excited about continuing to work hard for our kids and community – bringing board experience and balanced, responsible leadership to her next term ensuring the focus is always on the educational opportunities for every one of our LSR7 students.

Living in Lee’s Summit for over 20 years, Kathy raised both of her sons in the LSR7 district and prior to board service volunteered in many different capacities as a parent throughout the district working with students, other parents and district staff to collaborate and create community – always with the goal of what best serves each of our LSR7 kids and their education. She has seen first-hand the incredible support for the district from people throughout our community – support for students, families, and staff – a community that lifts students up – working and volunteering to “Prepare each student for success in life!”

Since being elected to the board and in serving as President, Kathy has been proud to champion:

● Future forward innovations in our schools for our students – buildings and learning opportunities:
o Promises made – promises kept – delivering on the 2020 Bond Projects – details can be found at https://www.lsr7.org/in-depth/bond state of the art new and renovated facilities – these spaces fuel our students learning and due to district fiscal focus and accountability to our voters – 3 exciting additional projects have been added and are in progress as well!
o Innovative learning opportunities growing pathways for students through Explore, Ignite, Experience Real World Learning, Project and Competency based learning engaging students as they grow and learn where they’d like their future careers to be past graduation – growing rigor and hands on opportunities for every student – college-bound, technical or career ready
● Building relationships in partnership and collaboration with Superintendent, Dr. David Buck and Stakeholders throughout the district and our community
● Building relationships with fellow Board members focused on collaboration and shared learning in Governance, Board Priorities and Promises
● Data Driven decision-making identifying metrics that ensure accountability and excellence in Superintendent and District performance
● Ensuring equity is built throughout the culture and practices of our district – meeting each student where they are ensuring they have what’s needed for their success
● Transparency in District and Board communication as well as building two-way communication and community engagement opportunities

Professionally, Kathy works in Information Technology Management, implementing large scale technology programs. Planning strategically and working with teams to create and deliver technologies that are transforming healthcare, Kathy also knows how to roll up her sleeves to get into the details with teams to resolve barriers, increase collaboration and drive momentum to success.

A lifelong learner, Kathy has a BBA with an emphasis on Computer Based Information Systems and an MBA both from UMKC. She continues to challenge herself every day with learning new tools and concepts to lead teams and effect change.

Kathy’s priorities and reasons for running for her second term on the Board are simple:

• Strategic Planning & Focus – Lead, listen and learn to continue to advance the Board Priorities and Strategic Plan or Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP) engage in the discussions needed for the next 5, 10 and 20 years into the future of this district
• Accountability to ensure we do what we promise – tracking metrics to ensure progress on commitments to our students, staff and community
• Transparency – Creation of comprehensive and actionable two-way communication strategies and Community engagement at all levels
• Partner through Change – partner and lead Students, Parents, Teachers, Staff, Administrators and the Community through the changes needed for our district for sustained growth – fulfilling the commitments on improving student achievement and well-being for every student

“I am passionate about educational opportunities for all of our LSR7 kids! I’m here to lead, listen, and learn – continue to work hard for our students and do my homework – celebrating district success, and working to resolve district challenges asking the tough questions to close barriers and engage stakeholders in conversation to make sure our strategic direction and decisions as a Board are seen in the success of every one of our LSR7 students.”

To learn more about Kathy Campbell, visit her website at https://www.kathy4lsr7kids.com and find her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Kathy4LSR7Kids and/or Instagram @kathy4LSR7kids.