February 25, 2023

In my last collection of thoughts, I explained how three neighbors showed up to meet the developer in regards to a proposed development at the location of a previous nursery on Blue Ridge Blvd. When the neighbors showed up, Dr. NO (Greg Walters) and his merry band of naysayers who make a habit of interjecting a negative message in every big situation in Raytown, showed up with them. At the core is always Greg Walter’s, Sue Frank and a non-resident busybody that doesn’t deserve further recognition. Every situation is a different group of crisis actors for these people. They have even turned goats into a crisis recently.

Having served on the board I know that Mayor Mike and former Mayor Bower had a falling out with former Mayor Sue Frank because they wouldn’t follow her lead in how to run the city. In my mind, I see that she’s formed a coalition to destroy anything that would bring progress. Going back to when I first ran against Greg Walters , Sue was very active in my campaign to beat him, why she has aligned herself with Greg is beyond me. Raytown doesn’t need this negative behavior, it needs the opportunity to move forward.

With this project Dr. NO is promising more crime if approved. He is also bringing up the historical aspect of the property, yet to my knowledge there are no historical landmark signs to alert me of the significance of the property. Lastly, I want to mention that he’s arguing that it’s in a neighborhood, yet there’s a drug store on the opposite corner. I can’t help but wonder why Dr. NO is opposing a project in a district that he doesn’t even represent.

Former Alderman Joe Creamer