March 18, 2023

Submitted by David Grady

David Grady has announced his candidacy for the Lee’s Summit R-7 Board of Education.

As a lifelong Kansas City metro resident, he moved with his three children to Lee’s Summit in 1988 because LSR-7 schools were widely known as the best in the state. His children graduated from LSHS and LSN and one of his grandsons graduated from LSN last year.

David has a long history of leadership and service in Lee’s Summit. After serving an apprenticeship and becoming a tool and die maker, his career led him to positions as group leader, shop supervisor, plant manager, and director of manufacturing operations. With his children grown and on their own, he now would like to give back with his extra time to devote to the success of our schools.

Ten years ago, David decided to give back to the younger generation and accepted a teaching position at the college level. This instruction has involved training machinists of all ages with many of his students in high school in the dual enrollment program. His teaching experience has taught him several things about school. First, stick to the basics. There are only so many hours of class. Avoid distractions and keep the main thing, the main thing. Second, involve the parents. Children do much better when their parents are engaged. (This includes grandparents and others who have assumed the role of parenting.) Third, raise the bar. When we set the bar high, students will rise to the occasion. Stop lowering standards. When he coached the Indianapolis Colts, Tony Dungey used to say, “No excuses. No explanations.”

It’s well known that when we have the best schools, property values increase, crime decreases, and businesses bring jobs to our area. It affects everyone in our community. Good schools make a great place to live. The most important thing about good schools is the opportunities given to every student to be the best they can be. We have many great programs in LSR-7 that David believes can be even further expanded. David states, “We are blessed with many great teachers and coaches who pour their lives into our young people. Let’s work together to build upon the good and pull our best resources together to improve what lacks. Let’s bring LSR-7 back to being the best in the state. We can do better. Our children deserve it.”

David would appreciate your vote on Tuesday, April 4th. He also encourages you to vote to pass the Levy transfer that will also be on the ballot in order to provide pay increases to keep our district competitive. If you would like more information about David, please visit David Grady for LSR7 School Board on Facebook or go to

Thank you.