March 18, 2023


Most everyone in the Kansas City area has heard of a proposed landfill in southeast Kansas City. The project site is across the street from Summit Pointe Elementary School, Kansas City Central Seventh-day Adventist Church, one half mile from Creekmore. The location stretches from 155th Street north to 150 Highway, and from Horridge Road on the west to Peterson Road on the east and is located within the city limits of Kansas City. This landfill will cause deterioration of home values for thousands of residents and have a negative impact on future development. For information visit the city of Raymore’s website.

It has been reported that developers Jennifer and Aden Monheiser have contacted the Missouri Department of Natural Resources with a request for an “informational” meeting to discuss their plans for this landfill.

During the 14-Jan-2023 public hearing at the State Capitol, Jennifer Monheiser of KC Recycling and Waste Solutions, testified that a company she owns is under contract for or has purchased nearly 500 acres with plans to build a landfill on 270 acres of that property. At 270 acres it would be one of the largest landfills in Missouri. Courney Ridge landfill in Sugar Creek is 267 acres.

She also testified that she is a small business owner with limited resources. So how does a small business owner with limited resources hire 19 lobbyists? Who is the real money behind this landfill?

Monheiser testified she goes to church with people in surrounding communities and coaches basketball in the area. She also said she has several friends who live in the Creekmoor neighborhood. “My heart is not to hurt anybody. My heart is always to help people. Which is why we are proposing the solution for the region,” she testified.

Really? Who puts garbage in their friends’ and neighbors’ back yard? Her heart so much wants to help people that she wants to put a garbage dump next to a school, a church, and thousands of residents.

No thanks Jennifer. We do not need your caring heart.

Don Byttner
Lee’s Summit