March 25, 2023

By Fred Liggett

Every year on St. Patrick’s Day people hear may the luck of the Irish be with you. The Kansas City Mavericks played a home game on this holiday and hoped to see their run of luck against rival Wichita continue. The Mavericks played host to rival Wichita Thunder on Friday, Mar. 17 and the Mavs would enjoy taking a 4-0 lead en route to a 5-2 win on this night.

Mavericks head coach Tad O’Had said of the evening “a huge night…. to win.” Adding to the excitement of a winning outcome was the fact the Mavs were down a couple of players and this was out of the team’s control. Pascal Laberge was out due to injury and Luke Stevens was called up to the AHL.

The Mavs had a late signing who filled in admirably in Forward Casey Carreau. Carreau was credited with his first pro goal in his first pro game. Carreau signed with the Mavs on Thursday the day before the game with the Thunder. Carreau is a Niagara University product. O’Had says of Carreau, “The kid flew in the day before, stuff you dream about.” O’Had adds as a coach “feels good to be a part of something special.”

The Mavericks wore special green jerseys, gloves and helmets to help celebrate the St. Patrick’s Day holiday. For Mavs coach O’Had he loved it saying, “I’m Irish” and enjoys how the holiday always falls in the middle of hockey season. O’Had admits “The day is one of my favorite holidays.” “Crowd has been terrific, front office did a phenomenal job.”

Mavericks’ veteran forward Ryan Harrison also enjoyed the special themed night in addition to the game’s outcome. Harrison called it “a memorable win at home.” Harrison feels, “It’s always fun to wear a special jersey, see fans having a good time.” Harrison on wearing specially themed jerseys “less of a routine, fans a little more excited, get to wear special jerseys and they work out.”

More memorable moments are on the way as the Mavericks will finish up the regular season in April. The Mavs have seven games, three of them being played at home at the Cable Dahmer Arena.