April 15, 2023

By Fred Liggett

It all happened on one day, Saturday, Mar. 4 when Sporting Lee’s Summit Soccer Club was able to see their teams take the field at the home of the Super Bowl Champions. The memories for sponsors, players, coaches and parents will last a long time of that day spent playing where many memorable football games have been played.

The effort to play at the home of the Chiefs began when Playbook Sports reached out to clubs who might be interested in playing. Clubs can use it as a fundraiser where fans by tickets. 16 teams participated in the event that saw the entire 100 yard field split into four fields.

For Joshua Simmon the memories began from the start when the teams “walked out” and the “paint was still there from the AFC title game” which was played on January 29th. Simmon, president of the Sporting Lee’s Summit Soccer Club, says “pretty neat one of the first ones to play on the field since that day.” Money raised from the memorable day goes to a scholarship fund. How much raised? The club will find out the amount of proceeds raised by Mid-April.

Both boys and girls teams from third grade to sixth grade competed. They played two halves for a total of a 50 minute game. Then 10 minutes were allowed for photos with family and friends. Simmon wishes to thank “all division reps and board members who put it together in about a month.” When looking back at this day at Arrowhead Stadium Simmon simply states “everything was good.”