By Assistant Chief Jim Eden
Lee’s Summit Fire Department

Fireworks tents are opening in the area, and people are planning Independence Day celebrations. If your plans include fireworks, remember to use them responsibly and follow local regulations and safety guidelines. As drought conditions worsen in Missouri, put fireworks safety first as we prepare for Independence Day celebrations. Sparks from fireworks can easily ignite grass and natural cover fires and pose a risk to structures. We urge everyone to consider local conditions and use extreme caution if using consumer fireworks.

In the City of Lee’s Summit, residents with a 2023 Fireworks Permit may discharge approved fireworks on July 2 and 3 from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. and July 4 from 10 a.m. to midnight. Fireworks permits are free and available at City Hall, any approved fireworks tents in Lee’s Summit, or on the City’s website,

The City’s ordinance allows the possession and use of approved consumer fireworks (1.4G) within the city limits. Consumer fireworks not allowed include rockets on a stick (bottle rockets), missiles with fins or rudders for aerodynamic flight, roman candles, and parachutes that suspend illuminated materials. Although not a firework, the use of sky lanterns is also prohibited. Fireworks sold at the 17 approved not-for-profit tents are legal for use in Lee’s Summit.

Legal does not mean fireworks are safe; remember, fireworks are explosives capable of doing great harm when misused. Before shooting fireworks:

• Make sure you have plenty of space. Follow local regulations on where you can use fireworks.
• Avoid areas of dry vegetation or other combustible materials, have a water hose or bucket available in case of a small fire, and dispose of sparkler wires.
• Keep small children and pets out of the immediate area.
• Only hold a lit firework in your hand if designed to be.
• Never run while holding a sparkler.
• Light one device at a time, and never try to relight a firework.
• Never use fireworks under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
• Safely dispose of waste material. Soak down debris and keep it separate from the regular trash.
• Wear eye protection.

The safest way to celebrate the holiday is to visit one of the many professional fireworks displays in the area, such as Legacy Blast at Legacy Park on July 3.

The most frequent fireworks complaints are the mess left behind by people who don’t clean up afterward, discharge onto property other than their own, and fireworks after hours. Be courteous of neighbors that may have different enthusiasm about celebrating the holiday and clean up your mess.

For questions about the fireworks, contact the Lee’s Summit Fire Department at (816) 969-1300, or visit To report the misuse or illegal fireworks, contact the Lee’s Summit Police Department at (816) 969-7390.